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2:10 - One key piece of advice for Applicants
4:19 - Advice for scholars who have an idea and are just only starting out
8:45 - Elements of a great Personal Statement
16:41 - Scope of the Project Proposal, common mistakes
21:16 - Common misunderstandings about the Strauss Scholarship


1:25 - How the Strauss Scholarship - and it's application - are different

8:01 - Importance of personal meaning and the need for your project

10:05 - Useful help to prepare your application

13:22 - Advice on Personal Statement - "the why"

16:30 - The Project - what's the need?

21:22 - Lessons from obstacles

24:15 - Benefits of building a project

Useful Links:

  • Bulletin of Info - Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, Cal State Chico, Cal State Fullerton, San Diego State University, San Jose State University, Santa Clara University, University of San Diego, University of San Francisco, University of Southern California


  • Bulletin of Info - Loyola Marymount University, Occidental College, Pomona College, Scripps College, Stanford University, UC Berkeley, UC Davis, UC Irvine, UC Los Angeles, UC Merced, UC Riverside, UC San Diego, UC Santa Barbara, UC Santa Cruz

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