How does the division of the $15,000 award work?

$8,000 of the award is designated as a PROJECT GRANT to fund the student's service project expenses. It should not affect a student a student's financial aid. Up to $7,000 of the award is now designated as a SCHOLARSHIP to be applied to the student's educational costs. Students who wish to spend more on their projects, may request that some of the Scholarship funds be added to their PROJECT GRANT funds. The foundation does withhold $2000 of the award until after the Scholar makes a Presentation the following April.

When are funds available?

The Foundation makes $13,000 of the award available in May of the award year. The remaining $2,000 can be designated as either SCHOLARSHIP or PROJECT GRANT, and will be paid out in April of the following year, after the Scholar Presentations. If desired, SCHOLARSHIP funds can be disbursed in August or September.

I'm a 4th year Junior, may I still apply?

Yes, we encourage sophomores, juniors, and 4th years who have one more year, to apply.

Do you fund shared projects?

We have funded shared projects. We limit the sharing to two people, who will split the funds evenly. Each student should be in charge of a unique and separate aspect of the project and that should be clearly explained and described in the project proposal. Applications should be submitted together. Each student needs to include an Application Summary, their own personal statement, their own resume, and transcripts. The joint application should include one proposal, and a total of 3 Letters of Recommendation: at least one for each student, and one may include both applicants.

Must I be a U.S. citizen to apply?


Are there any restrictions on travel?

Please don't plan a project in any country with a U.S. State Department Warning or Alert, or a CDC Travel Warning

Do I apply directly to the Strauss Foundation?

No, all students must submit an application to their Campus Representative at their school. A committee will select up to three finalists whose applications will be forwarded to the Strauss Foundation for the final selection process. It's a good idea to talk with the Campus Representative about your application in advance.

Why is the application deadline at my school different from the one quoted on the Strauss Foundation's Bulletin of Information?

Each school has its own deadline date to accommodate their selection process. Each school may submit up to three applications to the Strauss Foundation.