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Josh Franco
Former Scholar Reflection



Proscenium Live: A Year-Long Play Development Initiative in Portland, OR

Steven Rathje, Stanford 2016


Pediatric Interaction Program

Michelle Mahanian, UCLA 2008

Instrumental in Developing Young Musicians

Jenna Harvey, UCD  2007

Youth Mentoring Through Music

Areo Saffarzadeh, UCSB 2006

Designing & Testing Middle School Curriculum using Play Readings, Rehearsals & Productions

Jenny Millinger, Scripps 1998

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Educational Outreach to LGBT Evangelicals in Orange County

Natasha Magness, Scripps 2013


Israeli and Palestinian Student Leaders Together in California

Oren Ofer, UCSB 2009

Fulfilling the American Dream: Language Access to Employment Services

Leslie Lang, UCB 2005 

Creating Contact Across Borders

Kara Deyhle, UCSC 2005

Understanding Autism: An Educational Outreach Initiative

Florian Merkle, Caltech 2001 

Gay Awareness and Understanding

Todd Gloria, USD 1999 

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Support and Mentoring for Aspiring Scientists in H.S.

Connor Richards, UCR 2015


Transitional Education for Young Adults with Mental Disabilities

Robert She, UCSD 2015

Reading for a Better Tomorrow: Helping Families through Literacy

Valara Villanueva, UCM 2015   

The College Hotline: Answering Educational Disparities in Los Angeles

Sanna Alas, UCLA 2014 

Environmental Education for the Next Generation

Ryland King, UCSB 2011

The Inmate Outreach Project

Jane Wilson, Stanford 2007

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Stormwater Capture and Greywater Treatment System for Holy Spirit Retreat Center

Madeline Wiegel, LMU 2016 


Preserving Biodiversity and History Creating a West Coast Seed Library

Andrew Whitman, UCSC 2011 

The Food Rescue Project

Tammy Zhu, Pomona 2009  

The Prison Garden Project

Hannah Segal, Scripps 2008 

Farm to School Garden Project: Connecting Plants and People

Aurora Winslade, UCSC 2003

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Sexual Health for Youth: Student Led Education in Juvenile Facilities

Caitlin Francoisse, UCB 2012 


A Free Dental Program for Chapultapec, Baja California

Anelah McGinness, UCSD 2012

Leprosy: Documenting a Modern Taboo

Allyna-Renee Nguyen, LMU 2007

Donor Dudes and the National Youth Coalition on Donation

Alex Quick, UCSD 2005 

“Estoy Bien” Educational Seminars Targeting Obesity in Youth

Vivek Mehta, UCI 2005

The Diabetes Micro-Clinic Project: Community Awareness & Ownership in the Developing World

Daniel Zoughbie, UCB 2005

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The Student Immigration Relief Clinic

Matthew Chang, UCB 2016     


Law Students for Restorative Justice: Merced Youth Court

Dalton Rogers, UCM 2014

General Relief Advocacy Project

Paul Chander, UCLA 2010   

Catalysts for Educational and Environmental Justice: Training Youth Community Organizers in New Orleans East

Jacob Cohen, Pomona 2010 

Challah For Hunger

Eli Winkelman, Scripps 2006 

A Second Chance- Voices of Juvenile Hall

Aram Nadjarian, LMU 2005 

Exposing the Backbone of California Agriculture: Farmworkers and their Plight

Tim Galarneau, UCSC 2004 

Democratic Partners: Student Leader Exchange Post- Communism

Matthew Spence, Stanford 1999 

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Inspire a Child: Building Resilient Communities through Soccer, Scholarship and Peace Education in Nepal

Olivia Wong, UCSB 2012  


The Gleaning Project: Creating and Connecting Communities Using the Power of Food

Elizabeth Fitzgerald & Maggie Lickter UCD 2009

Farmer’s Market for LMU

Catie Bereznay, LMU 2006   

Yolo County SPCA Shelter Volunteer Outreach/ Animal Adoption Program

Virginia Frauenthal, UCD 2004 

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Engineers for Center For Vision Enhancement

Harkanwalpreet Sodhi, UCM 2016   


Girls Code Camp: Fighting the Gender Gap in Technological Fields in India

Aashna Shroff, Stanford 2016 

Piped Water and Sanitation in Kaloleni, Kenya

Ashley Miller, UCB 2014     

Sustainable Water Solutions for Sierra Leone

Kaylan Agnew, UCSD 2013 

Bolstering Rural Science and Technology Education Via Locally Sustainable Water Filtration Solutions in Dong Nai province, Vietnam

Ivy Nguyen, Stanford 2012   

Utilizing the Power of Text Messaging Technology to Increase Patient Compliance in Free Clinics

Vineet Singal, Stanford 2011 

Expanding the Role of HIV-Positive Community Health Workers: a communication initiative in Rural Malawi

Josh Nesbit, Stanford 2008

Intelligent Mobility: Turning Bikes into Wheelchairs

Thomas Oliver, Caltech 2008

Acquisition of Safe Drinking Water via Rainwater Catchment Systems

Mark Raymundo, UCR 2007

Creating Communications Infrastructure in the Schools of the Himalayan Mountains

Mark Michalski, UCLA 2003

Bridging the Digital Divide

Ankur Luthra, UCB 2002

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