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  • Donald A. Strauss’ best friend and Best Man

  • Attended junior high, high school, college (Stanford) and the Navy with Don Strauss

  • Editor, Pomona Progress Bulletin

  • Public Relations, Claremont Graduate School

  • Author of several books on Southern California institutions: Webb School, Allergan, Beckman Instruments, Pilgrim Place, Hillcrest Homes.

  • Accomplished sailor and jazz guitar player

Founding Trustee, whose historical perspective and insights assured that Don’s true vision would be represented in the Scholarship marketplace.

FRANK NEWMAN, PHD (1997-2004)

  • Visiting Prof Public Policy and Sociology, Brown University

  • Director – Futures Project: Policy for Higher Education in a Changing World

  • Former President, Education Commission of the States

  • Former President, University of Rhode Island

  • Graduate of Brown and Stanford

  • Worked with Donald A. Strauss at Beckman Instruments

  • Played tennis, bridge and sailed with Don and Dorothy Strauss

Founding Chair, whose leadership, wisdom, humor and unmatched experience as a force in higher education for 30 years contributed immeasurably to the growth and early success of the Strauss Foundation.

JACK HART (1998-2004)

  • Former Vice President of Human Resources for Beckman Instruments

  • Worked for Donald A. Strauss 30+ years

  • Graduate of Claremont McKenna College

A knowledgeable Trustee, who contributed valuable input and sound advice.


  • Graduate of Pomona College and UCLA  Law School

  • Attorney for the Strauss family

  • Played the oboe and golf

  • Long time member of the Toastmasters

  • Served with Don as member of the Personnel Commission of Newport Mesa Unified School District

Founding Trustee, instrumental in assisting Dorothy set-up the Foundation--helping her achieve her vision and navigate the tricky legal terrain involved--and, throughout his tenure, served as a sage advisor.

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MARTHA NEWKIRK, PH.D. (1997-2009)

  • President - Newkirk Enterprises

  • UCI Foundation Executive Committee

  • Founder of the UCI Newkirk Center for Science and Society

  • Dorothy's colleague on the UCI Alumni Association Board of Directors

  • Chocolate lover, skier and art collector

Selected by Dorothy as one of the original Trustees, Martha served for nearly a dozen years, quietly yet powerfully contributing to the growth, success and prominence of the Foundation.

JOSEPH N. BELL (2004-2009)

  • B.S. from University of Missouri, 1946

  • Free-lance writer, Saturday Evening Post, Harper's, Reader's Digest and other national magazines

  • Staff writer National Observer and Christian Science Monitor

  • Columnist, Los Angeles Times and Daily Pilot

  • Retired lecturer in non-fiction writing, U C Irvine English Department, 21 years

  • Shared political views, child rearing, tennis and war stories with Don and Dorothy for 40 years.

One of Don Strauss' closest friends, he contributed to the Foundation in myriad ways, including his keen insights, wry humor and eloquent writing.

JAMES E. STOFAN (2004-2017)

  • Graduate California University of Pennsylvania and Central Connecticut State University (MA)

  • Former Vice President for Alumni Relations, Tulane University

  • Associate Vice Chancellor, Alumni Relations, Vanderbilt University

  • Former Assistant Vice President of Alumni Affairs & Protocol, UC Irvine

  • Former Executive Director, UCI Alumni Association

  • Worked with Dorothy during her service on the UCI Alumni Association Board

A trusted friend of Dorothy’s whose expertise and creativity were a monumental contribution to the Foundation.


  • Graduate of UC Davis

  • Former Assistant Vice Chancellor, Community and Government Relations, UC Irvine

  • Former Assistant Director, UCI Alumni Association

  • Worked with Dorothy during her service on the UCI Alumni Association Board

  • Introduced to Dorothy and Don Strauss in 1963 by her parents, Jean and Dan Aldrich

A veteran lobbyist and tireless traveler, she reached out to administrators, students and Scholars to promote the mission of the Foundation.

NANCY BARRY (1998-2019)

  • Longest serving non-Strauss-family Trustee

  • Longest serving Foundation Board Chair

  • Was in Dorothy Strauss' Girl Scout troop

  • Graduate of Stanford and Harvard Business School

  • After working for the World Bank, founded Women's World Banking

  • Organizes projects in India, Asia and South America with her venture, Enterprise Solutions to Poverty. 

During her 20 years on the Board, 15 years as Chair, Nancy was an advocate for projects that would have broad social impact, either by their scale or the social issues on which they focused. 

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