Tess Bridgeman
(2002 Strauss Scholar, Stanford)joins Board of Trustees
$15,000 Award
$8000 to fund project
$7000 for tuition or for additional project funds
Information Webinar
October 20th
3 PM
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During a stay in the West Bank, Daniel Zoughbie identified a staggering diabetes problem with serious gaps in treatment delivery and diabetes education. Consequently, he used his 2005 Strauss Award to establish approximately twenty 'micro-clinics' composed of small groups of diabetic patients. He continued developing this effort to prevent the explosive growth of chronic diseases, using an innovative approach to health enhancement, leadership development, and multidisciplinary global health research that varies significantly from other "top-down" models.  Daniel founded Microclinic International (MCI) as a nonprofit organization seeking to revolutionize how deadly diseases are prevented and managed worldwide. Building on cutting-edge epidemiological evidence suggesting that healthy behaviors are transmittable across social networks, the microclinic strategy of “contagious health” leverages human relationships to address diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity, and HIV/AIDS. MCI has established microclinic programs in the Middle East, Africa, South Asia and North America. For more information, please visit microclinics.org


Encouraging young leaders from 14 pre-selected California Colleges and Universities to undertake a high-impact project in public service or social change in their junior or senior year.

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