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His website is

Strauss Scholars,  the Strauss Foundation is planning a 20th Anniversary Celebration, October 22, 2016. Please update your current email address with the office.

Former Trustee was Donald Strauss' friend for 65 years.
Tim Galarneau ('04 Scholar, UCSC) shows author Mark Bittman around the UCSC farm in a segment "The Roots of Organic Farming on Campus". He is an educator and research specialist on social issues in the Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems. See the video
The Skoll Foundation will give Medic Mobile $1.25 Million dollars of core support for three years. He joins the global community of  visionary leaders trying to solve the world's most pressing problems.
Duncan Strauss remembers Joe Bell, family friend and Strauss Trustee.


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