Mission Statement

Encouraging young leaders from 15 pre-selected California Colleges and Universities to undertake a high-impact project in public service or social change in their junior or senior year.

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Strauss Scholar Spotlight

Zuhairah Scott

In the Business of Doing Good

Identify a problem, then go to work on a solution.

That general idea motivates every Strauss Scholar, and the career of Zuhairah Scott is a notable example. "Being an empathetic person who was often confronted with poverty, crime and other social ills growing up," she says, "I felt a need to do something about it."

Leaving her home in Newark, New Jersey, to attend UCLA, Zuhairah was drawn to a fledgling program called SHAPE (Students Heightening Academic Performance

Strauss News

Strauss Scholars and Campus Administrators Will Reunite to Celebrate a Milestone

October 22, 2016 on the campus of UC Irvine. Scholars please update your contact information on the website or send to the office.


2016 Scholars Selected

Eleven Scholars from seven schools were chosen. 



Samantha Wilson Gupta ('08, UCR, pictured on left) has returned to Hyderabad, India, eleven times to help sustain the social-justice leadership programming of her non-profit Child Leader Project (CLP). She is now an interfaith chaplain and spiritual activist pursuing her PhD...Seepan Parsegian ('06, Stanford) practices law in Los Angeles, concentrating on commercial and intellectual property litigation. He maintains an active pro bono schedule focused on international human rights issues. He served as counsel for amici curiae before the U.S. Supreme Court on a case involving insurance claims for families of genocide victims. He serves as the supervising attorney for the USC Law School chapter of the Iraqi Refugee Assistance Project. He is the Vice Chair of the Eurasia Committee of the Pacific Council of International Policy and has been designated a non-governmental observer to the Guantanamo Bay Military Commission...Jennifer Lee ("99, UCSD) is Director for Programs for an NGO in Sulawesi, Indonesia, Global Hope Network International. She oversees several projects focusing on sustainable community development...Kenny Loo ('06, UCI) is a Principal at a continuation High School in Ventura. He is leading the school's implementation of project-based learning to prepare the students for the 21st Century...Diep Tran ('01, UCI) is helping to create and develop a data analytics team for the County of Riverside Ambulatory Care...Lucy Eagleson ('06, USD) is Program Coordinator of a non-profit, Outside the Lens, which seeks to empower youth to create digital media...Rodney Clara ('98, UCSB) is launching California's new Mattress Recycling Law, AB254...Tarek Maassarani ('01, UCSB, pictured right) is a practioner and educator in conflict resolution and peace building. He is Program Director for the Salam Institute for Peace and Justice, strengthening Muslim communities and improving relationships with non-Muslim communities...Olivia Wong ('12, UCSB) is the Program Director for the Tarsadia Foundation. She also runs a girl's empowerment social enterprise, benefiting at-risk girls. She recently helped organize a coalition of NGOs for disaster relief in response to the Nepal Earthquake...

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