The Strauss Fellowship played a large role in helping me realize that my part-time job while I was an undergraduate (working with teens with disabilities) could become my life passion and career.
  Natalie O’Connor, UCSB, 2001
United Friendship Exchange: A Friendship Program for Physically and Developmentally Disabled Youth

How to Apply

Only full-time undergraduate students in their sophomore or junior year, and enrolled at one of the 15 pre-selected colleges or universities, may apply for a Donald A. Strauss Public Service Scholarship. Applications will not be accepted directly from candidates. The Foundation invites the selection committee from each eligible institution to nominate and submit the project proposal applications of three students.

Application materials must include:

  1. an official transcript from all colleges attended
  2. a minimum of two and a maximum of three letters of recommendation from individuals who are well acquainted with the students work (academic or service); these can be from a current academic institution, organizations (including community or public service organizations), former professors, employers, community representatives, etc.
  3. an Application Summary that lists
    • the college or university's name.
    • the applicant's permanent and campus contact information: name, addresses, phone numbers, email address.
    • GPA, major, interests and hobbies.
    • The Project title and a one-paragraph executive summary of the proposal.
  4. a one-page resume
    • include current and past community service.
  5. a one-page personal essay (not a restatement of the resume)
  6. the Project Proposal
    • Each applicant will submit a proposal for a community or public service project that would be accomplished between the end of his or her sophomore or junior year and the spring of the following year. Please see What We're Looking For.
    • The proposal document should be limited to 4 pages, typed and double-spaced.
  7. a signed copy of the Acceptance Agreement acknowledging the responsibilities of a Strauss Scholar


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